BPM, workflow & orchestration

BPM, Workflows and Orchestration tools enable organisations to hang together and unify users with disparate applications, robots and AI/cognitive services into predictable, structured and automated business process workflows. These tools allow organisations to leverage intelligent automation workflows for human interaction with business processes that intelligently allocate resources, integrate data and provide reporting and real-time insights into processes.

Structured processes exist in most organisations that flow through and between different:
  • Teams, users and departments for input

  • Applications, data-sets and external parties

  • Acquire, compose and store different documents and communications

  • Robots, web-services and third-party cognitive services

These processes are often critical to business performance and visibility of these processes can be challenging. BPM, Workflow and Orchestration tools provide a structure for “hanging together” the different elements, systems, users, automations and activities in processes to improve performance of the process through intelligent automation.

Benefits of these capabilities include expedited process throughput, reduced risk of non-compliance to SLAs, improved efficiency, reduced data entry, improved customer experience and improved process visibility for capacity management. Customer due diligence, customer on-boarding, mortgage application processing, retail POS report reconciliation and claims processing are just a handful of processes that can be improved exponentially with BPM, Workflow and Orchestration technologies.

Our best-in-class BPM solutions integrate seamlessly with leading line-of-business systems such as SAP, Oracle NetSuite, Sage and many others. Off-the-shelf integration to leading RPA tools, cognitive capture solutions and customer communication management systems enable us to provide truly intelligent automation to customers.

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