Cognitive Capture

Using communication capture and smart intelligence services to power the automated processing of information. 


Sales orders; purchase invoices; postal forms; correspondence; proof of identity; just a few examples of the documents businesses handle and process daily. 

Unlocking your value

In most instances, the need to extract information and data is required in order to understand and process them. If no immediate solution exists, manual data entry is usually the next step. But this requires lengthy interpretation processes, which just isn’t efficient.


Standard OCR goes some way toward making documents fully searchable; cognitive capture technologies allow us to unlock value and transform documents into electronic information.

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Implementing Cognitive Capture 

Both Cloud and on-prem solutions leverage AI and machine learning (ML) for the improvement of processing throughput. Our solutions feature user interfaces that allow business users to interact with the exceptions and train machine learning and AI to improve accuracy. 


Solutions can be integrated with or built into our content management, BPM, workflow and orchestration platforms. This allows not just a seamless user experience but the easy onward routing and processing of documents.

Benefits to organising information based on data:


Improve composition, storage, search and retrieval processes to increase employee productivity


Automate the application of controls such as access permissions, GDPR retention periods, archiving and periodic reviews to mitigate risks


Automate or trigger workflows for routing and approving documents without depending on email


Capture internal and external digital signatures to expedite processes


Increase process visibility such as GDPR subject access requests


Manage version control accurately and prevent duplication of work or miscommunications

Ready to go solutions

We understand the need for a solution sometimes needs to be immediate. Creating a bespoke service can take time, so we offer off-the-shelf solutions for the following;​​

  • Accounts payable invoice processing

  • Sales order and purchase order processing

  • HR records and forms

  • General forms and applications

  • Digital mailroom capture for correspondence

  • Proof of identity processing

  • Electronic forms solutions can be delivered as an alternative.

Cognitive Capture is just one of the automated solutions we offer. 

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