Cognitive capture

Cognitive capture can involve multichannel document and communications capture capabilities (including mobile) and smart OCR to support automated processing of information and unlock value in business process and content discovery. This provides systems and users the power to quickly and automatically process any document with incredible accuracy.

Often organisations will receive high volumes of documents and information as part of a business process or function such as sales orders, purchase invoices, postal forms, correspondence, proof of identity to name a few. Typically information and data must be extracted from documents to understand and process them – if no solution exists then this is often manual data entry reliant or requires lengthy interpretation and review to route and handle the document. Standard OCR goes some way toward making documents fully searchable, cognitive capture technologies allow us to unlock value and transform documents into electronic information.

Cognitive capture can undertake the following:
  1. Capture documents from any source including mobile, email and scanned paper

  2. Classify and identify what documents are automatically including semi and unstructured content

  3. OCR to make documents fully text searchable based on their content

  4. Analyse content using AI and machine learning to extract valuable information such as supplier details, invoice line-item tables, sentiment analysis, case numbers and much more to automate onward processing

  5. Transform the document into electronic information such as metadata or EDI for processing

  6. Integrate the information into line-of-business systems, workflows, content management systems and much more

Cognitive capture solutions can be provided on-premises or leveraging cloud services and as perpetual license or SaaS subscriptions. Solutions leverage AI and machine learning (ML) for improvement of processing throughput. Our solutions feature user interfaces for business users to interact with exceptions and train machine learning and AI to improve accuracy. Solutions can be integrated with or built into our content management, BPM, workflow and orchestration platforms for a seamless user experience and onward routing and processing of documents.

Off-the-shelf capabilities exist for:
  1. Accounts payable invoice processing

  2. Sales order and purchase order processing

  3. HR records and forms

  4. General forms and applications

  5. Digital mailroom capture for correspondence

  6. Proof of identity processing

Electronic forms solutions can be delivered as an alternative.

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