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Communication & Output Management

Technology enables the rapid automation of structured communications in multiple channels. 


What is Communication & Output Management? 

Our communication and output management services are designed to ensure your business delivers the best possible customer experience. Timely, precise communications via the recipient's communication channel of choice are imperative to great service and reputation.
With seamless integration into existing line-of-business systems, our technologies provide easy to use tools that allow organisations to create powerful communication and automation. 


How does it work?

We make those transactional communications count by creating impactful customer experiences. We utilise data for relevant, on-demand, highly personalised, multi-channel and interactive communications across, email, SMS, print/mail, and personalised URL, so you never miss a touchpoint.

This enables our customers to automate processes; transforming data into multi-channel and bi-directional communications that return valuable insights and reduce cost.
Virtuoso Partners | Automated outcomes, delivered intelligently. 

Helping you 

Our communication and output management technologies produce powerful print-ready solutions and improve the production process.

Going further, it’s about reimagining the way the print infrastructure works, improving print management and reducing the costs involved in printing for your clients.
With an effective cloud print solution in place, you can effectively control, manage, and reinvent your clients’ print environment to integrate with their existing IT systems and your solutions effortlessly.
These are some of the problems Communications & Output Management can help organisations achieve. 

A more robust & fully scalable printing infrastructure designed to give your clients a competitive advantage, with no print spool servers or wide area print traffic.


A solution that allows you to manage multiple ages and brands of printers.


Fully automated driver management, saving significant administration overhead time.


Allow guest, mobile and BYOD printing with ease.


Reduced overheads and environmental impact by cutting paper waste and energy use.


Manage one single pane of glass, which hosts all individual client cloud instances.
Making a switch to cloud print technology

Making a switch to cloud print technology

Traditional print environments require a lot of physical infrastructure, meaning output management can take up a lot of valuable time for IT admin teams. 


But with cloud print technology, that infrastructure can be cut down or even removed altogether and replaced with a single, comprehensive infrastructure that is based in the cloud. 


From removing print servers to managing your clients’ entire print environment from one central portal, cloud print makes print management a simple task.

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