Content Management & Collaboration

Departments work with content, documents and information in different ways and for different purposes and a “one size fits” all approach to content management rarely leads to successful outcomes when trying to satisfy needs of all workers. Virtuoso Partners work thoroughly at the outset of an engagement to define success criteria and requirements for each department and disciplines stakeholders to create tailored user experiences, workflows and content management processes to ensure successful outcomes. Taking an iterative agile approach enables us to gradually deploy working content management systems to serve the needs of each department.

General functionality of content management systems includes version control of documents and objects, AI assisted user filing, integration to email systems for quick email filing, sharing portals for external collaboration and mobile access for improved mobility and modern agile working. Even for the basics as an alternative to network folders a content management system can delight users with less time spent storing and searching for information and reduced conflicts around document control. A good content management system will support information security with automated permissions management based on object metadata to systematically govern access and reduce the burden on network administrators managing permissions requests.

The content management system can be tailored to meet the needs of a range of departments including off the shelf configurations and use cases for:

  • Finance document management

  • HR records management, onboarding and separations

  • Contract management and in-house legal/GC

  • Quality management systems documentation and processes

  • Project document management

  • Sales content management integrated to CRM (e.g.

  • Manufacturing, production and research policy control

  • Logistics document management

Typical Solutions
  • Cognitive Capture

  • Content Management Systems

  • Consultancy

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