Financial process automation

Line of business and distributed departments often receive invoices via mail, email, and other electronic formats and can spend a significant amount of time and labour processing them manually into the finance software package or ERP, matching values against Pos, routing them internally for approvals and more. This can be a resource drain in every organisation and a long-tail of processing can distort cash flow visibility and cause unnecessary strain on supplier relationships.

Virtuoso Partners cognitive capture, content management and RPA solutions solution help significantly to reduce the time, cost, risk and complexity of capturing, routing and approving documents, wherever they originate. Audits are made simple with content management systems. This technology can be applied to finance documents such as invoice and purchase order processing or even EDI, supporting advanced invoice processing requirements including line item matching, general ledger coding and ERP integration.

Typical Solutions
  • Cognitive Capture

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Content Management Systems

  • Consultancy

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