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Financial services/ Insurance

The financial services and insurance sectors are two of the most vital for the UK economy with innovators emerging in the FinTech and InsurTech categories who disrupt and grow by leveraging customer experience and a digital first approach. This has created a renewed digital transformation urgency amongst established organisations from boutique brokers to global banks. Initiatives to automate compliance, improve customer experience and bring efficiency to the back office promise strong return on investment and are increasingly becoming key pillars in strategic plans and annual reports.


Virtuoso Partners provides strategic capabilities to leading financial services and insurance organisations in how they manage vast quantities of highly sensitive information and intelligently automate their processes.

Here are some examples of how Intelligent Automation and Content Management solutions can help improve processes to reduce manual work, reduce costs, enhance efficiency and accuracy plus more. 

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Enhance your teams performance through our solutions. 
  • Store and manage client documents, such as customer contracts and compliance records, making them easily accessible and secure.
  • Provide 360 view of client profiles, history and account details enhancing customer service and relationship management.
  • Assess and manage financial risk by automating Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, document gathering and validation processes to mitigate fraud, compliance and risk factors. 
  • Streamline the loan application and approval process, reducing paperwork and expediting credit decisions.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and speed up the approval process by digitally signing and verifying agreements, contracts and compliance-related documents.
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