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Financial services / insurance

The financial services and insurance sectors are two of the most vital for the UK economy with innovators emerging in the FinTech and InsurTech categories who disrupt and grow by leveraging customer experience and a digital first approach. This has created a renewed digital transformation urgency amongst established organisations from boutique brokers to global banks. Initiatives to automate compliance, improve customer experience and bring efficiency to the back office promise strong return on investment and are increasingly becoming key pillars in strategic plans and annual reports.


Virtuoso Partners provide the strategic capabilities to leading financial services and insurance organisations in how they manage vast quantities of highly sensitive information and intelligently automate their processes.

Organise and secure documents & information for risk mitigation whilst improving user productivity.

Document Management can automate access control permissions & Chinese walls ensuring compliance and supporting compliance teams in identifying, managing and reporting sensitive information.


Improve customer experience & minimise process inertia.

Simplify customer journeys, front office and back-office processes with Business Process Management (BPM) & process orchestration to delight customers with responsive, rapid on-boarding and query resolution.

Business Conversation

Automate back-office processes.

Automate front office and back-office processes with Robotic Process Automation & Intelligent Automation to deliver insights and outcomes faster than ever.


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