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The public sector has struggled with digital transformation over the past decade owing to budgetary constraints associated with austerity, an ageing workforce and legacy systems dependencies. With broader focus from the private sector on improving customer experience and digital processes residents and citizens expect public sector organisations government mirror private sector in engagement and service delivery. Cost reduction initiatives and pressures remain as drivers for change. All of this is a driving force for digital transformation.

Leveraging of intelligent automation, RPA and AI has proven to accelerate public sector and governments improve service delivery.

Automate processes and create efficiencies with legacy applications.

Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provides a unique opportunity to rapidly automate processes between legacy applications without significant change dependencies.


Improve communications with citizens and residents. 

Communication & Output Management enables improved versatility, better engagement and reduced postal communication costs.


Secure information and automate administrative processes. 

Leverage Document Management Systems and metadata to improve back-office processes, sensitive data protection and automation of FOI and subject access requests


Digitise paper in processes and cut data entry tasks.

Digitise post, inbound email and paper communications and automate processing of inbound information using Intelligent Document Processing technologies.


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