HR onboarding & separations

Every organisation has a requirement to manage their most valuable assets. From recruitment to onboarding, training, performance reviews and development plans – its proven that proactively managing employees supports organisations in talent retention and maximising performance. Virtuoso Partners solutions enable improved management of HR documents, information and records to unlock value from them and support delivery of best practice and policies proactively in an automated manner with workflows.

Manual processes in the HR department can be both time consuming and error prone. Virtuoso Partners technologies resolve these challenges and give more time to HR staff through improved HR content management and workflow automation from simple to use templates, assignments and workflow notifications such as when a review process should be undertaken or when visas expire.

Risks are reduced though capabilities such as automated access permissions and controls and data retention and disposition policies. Sensitive data can be protected automatically with full audit trails on access and changes.

  • Recruiting / hiring – process and publish job descriptions, CVs, interview and testing documents.

  • Onboarding - Assign and track all aspects of employee onboarding processes and status

  • Performance Reviews – Automate assignment, track and process performance reviews across the workforce.

  • Learning and Development - Manage and track professional development and certifications.

  • Records Management - Manage and retain employee records with audit trail, version history and retention periods

  • Separations - Assign and track all aspects of employee separation processes and status

Typical Solutions
  • Cognitive Capture

  • BPM, Workflow, Orchestration

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Content Management Systems

  • Consultancy

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