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Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing

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What is Intelligent Document Management?

Intelligent Document Management uses a combination of image recognition, OCR, layout recognition and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to interpret and understand information in documents and text.

You can watch our video for more information. 

How does it work?

In most instances, the need to extract information and data from documents is required toto understand and process them. If no immediate solution exists, manual data entry is usually the next step. But this requires lengthy interpretation processes, which just isn’t efficient.

Standard OCR goes some way toward making documents fully searchable; Intelligent Document technologies allow us to unlock value and transform documents into electronic information.
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Both Cloud and on-prem solutions leverage AI and machine learning (ML) for the improvement of processing throughput. Our solutions feature user interfaces that allow business users to interact with the exceptions and train machine learning and AI to improve accuracy. 
Solutions can be integrated with or built into our Document Management, BPM, Workflow & Orchestration platforms. This allows not just a seamless user experience but the easy onward routing and processing of documents.
These are some of the benefits IDS can help organisations with. 
Benefits | Intelligent Document Processing

Reduce manual data entry from inbound transactional documents like POs, invoices & forms.

Benefits | Intelligent Document Processing

Process documents & extract data consistently every time, from any inbound channel to reduce errors. 

Benefits | Intelligent Document Processing

Process documents at scale to create efficiencies & shared business services for the enterprise.

Benefits | Intelligent Document Processing

Automate the routing & triage of important documents to different departments & recipients to improve SLAs.

Benefits | Intelligent Document Processing

Reduce document processing overheads.

Benefits | Intelligent Document Processing

Remove inbound paper from the organisation using AI for digital mailroom & intelligent document routing.

Intelligent Document Processing is just one of the automated solutions we offer. 

Take a look at the other tools we use to improve business processes.

Not sure what your business needs? Let’s book a call to discuss how we can help.

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Ready to go solutions

We understand the need for a solution sometimes needs to be immediate. Creating a bespoke service can take time, so we offer off-the-shelf solutions for the following: 
  • Accounts payable invoice processing

  • Sales order and purchase order processing

  • HR records and forms

  • General forms and applications

Intelligent Document Processing examples
  • Digital mailroom capture for correspondence

  • Proof of identity processing

  • Electronic forms solutions can be delivered as an alternative.

Intelligent Document Processing examples
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