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How RPA can maximise your potential.

By now you will be familiar with the concept that RPA (robotic process automation) tools can perform those repetitive, routine tasks that are quite frankly, pretty mundane, freeing up the time of human workers. Today we are going to look into some of the key ways in which RPA can maximise your potential, increase productivity and reduce expenditure.

What tasks can RPA perform?

Isn’t it best to ask what it can’t do?!

In all seriousness, the power that RPA tools possess far exceeds simplifying data entry tasks. Put simply, there’s a use for it across pretty much every part of a business.

  • HR? Payroll

  • Sales & Marketing? Social Media Monitoring

  • Supply Chain? Invoice, quote and contract management

  • Customer Service? Service Requests and Scheduling

  • Finance & Accounting? Report Aggregation.

We think you get it.

Kofax released their handy RPA One-Sheet which details 100 different uses of RPA; the perfect way to visualise just what an ROI RPA can offer.

Putting your customers first

In reality, the biggest perk to using an RPA tool is the level of customer satisfaction you can achieve. Think about it; if you use a robot to carry out the tasks that require no human empathy, you can free up your team to focus on it instead. Build those relationships. Pick up the phone and TALK to people. Go above and beyond to ensure a customer is happy or placate a disgruntled one.

On the other side, you want to create a process so streamlined that your customers don’t even realise how many cogs in the wheel there are.

RPA in Action

Let’s take RPA in Banking Services as an example. A customer is applying for a line of credit. Cue booking a meeting, printing and photocopying all relevant documents, manual form filling and then waiting X amount of days for the good (or bad) news.


  • In the banking app, the customer takes a picture of their photo ID

  • Mobile ID verification software confirms identity

  • RPA pulls credit verifications from the web

  • Process is shortened to hours, if not minutes.

Seems like a no brainer to us.

Where can RPA save you money?

We’ve identified five key areas in which using RPA tools have resulted in cost-saving for businesses.

  • Man-power - Five robots can do the same work as 50 humans: quicker results = more time for more customers

  • Efficiency - Robots can work much faster and all day, every day (without arousing suspicion of your working conditions and ethics!)

  • Compliance - results are delivered with 100% accuracy, negating the need to waste time correcting mistakes

  • Engagement - allow your team the time to interact with your customers

  • Scalability - Easily scale your RPA power depending on business growth

How can RPA help my business?

Virtuoso Partners are dedicated to creating intelligent automation tools for businesses of any size and helping them maximise their potential.

Contact our team to discover just how much difference we can make to your business processes.

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