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Reducing Print Costs With Self-Service 360 Print

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Reducing Print Costs With Self-Service 360 Print

We all understand that print management is probably a fairly small part of your business. In fact, if you’re a one or two-man band, you might not really think about it at all. But despite its low priority for most, it can be one of the single most expensive areas of running a business.

But it doesn’t have to be. All you need to do is optimise your print environment with a few key changes, and use a tool like self-service printing to keep it all running for you. Don’t believe us? Let’s start with some basics. Hands down the most expensive elements of printing anything in a business are:

  • Ink. Printer ink has now been ranked as the 8th most expensive liquid on the earth. No matter how expensive or what brand your printer is, the ink is always going to cost far more. Each manufacturer and each ink is the same story, so you can’t avoid this one. The more you print, the more it costs you.

  • Waste Paper. Every sheet of paper that is wasted costs your business an average of 6p. That’s pages that got caught in the printer, were garbled or didn’t print correctly, or were used as ‘test pages’ after the hundredth attempt at fixing a bug. And while 6p might not sound like much, a typical office environment will generate 6,800 sheets of waste paper every year, which means that 6p turns into £480 a year in unnecessary costs.

  • Ineffective Printers. Then there’s the printers themselves. Many businesses will opt to use a laser printer, assuming (as most people do) that they are cheaper to run. But this isn’t always true. And where businesses use both types of printer, the user doesn’t know (or care) which one to use to be cost-effective.

A complete self-service printing solution could reduce all of these print costs by up to 40%, simply by implementing an effective printer management system. With proper print management, businesses can:

  • Ensure each print job is sent to the most cost-effective printer for it each time. An automated selection programme within the print management system means that you can keep print costs down per page, no matter what type of printer you’re using.

  • Defaulting all print jobs to black and white. This saves money on printing in colour where it isn’t necessary, and significantly reduces ink usage at the same time.

  • Reducing the waste generated by printers in general. This doesn’t just cover paper, but also ink, toner and electricity. By reducing print waste, you can reduce your print costs in a few areas, and it all adds up to significant savings.

Of course, that’s not all a good printer management solution can do. Given a change, print management can dramatically transform the way your business handles paperwork, and increase your efficiency too. But that’s a topic for another post. The cost savings on printing is still one of the more compelling reasons to dip your toe in the water and try print management out for yourself.

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