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RPA distribution start-up on course for £4m revenue

Virtuoso Partners claims resellers were previously struggling to service rising demand for intelligent automation technologies.


A start-up VAD specialising in intelligent automation technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) claims it is on course to hit £4m revenues in 2022.

Founded in 2018, Virtuoso Partners (VP) counts Workato, M-Files and Kofax among its vendors, providing pre-sales, technical design and SI services on their behalf.

It is targeting an intelligent automation market set to grow from $22bn-$23bn in 2022 to $170bn-$180bn by 2027, according to figures it quoted from market analyst Zinnov.

RPA distribution start-up on course for £4m revenue

Founders Ben Nilsson and Edd Nicklin say they set VP up

after identifying a lack of fulfilment capabilities around intelligent automation technology among incumbent IT distributors, despite rising end-user demand.

RPA distribution start-up on course for £4m revenue

"We found that VARs were

taking enquiries from their regular IT buying contacts for intelligent automation technologies like RPA, business process management and workflow technologies, but had nowhere to turn for pre-sales expertise other than vendors directly," Nilsson said.

VARs were previously missing out on intelligent automation opportunities because the vendors were working on the basis that their products could do everything, Nilsson said.

"The net result was VARs weren't really capitalising on this growing area of IT spend, so Edd and I thought we'd bridge that gap," he said.

"If the VAR needs consulting, implementation, training and support we take care of that too, on their paperwork. We believe this is the definition of truly value-added distribution and that term is too liberally applied to vanilla software distribution."

Counting Softcat among its partners, Teddington-based VP claims it is on course to organically reach £8m turnover by 2025.


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