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Tungsten Automation awarded Virtuoso Partners Intelligent Automation Partner of the Year 2023.

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This award recognises the innovation and dedication Virtuoso Partners have to Intelligent Automation.

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Virtuoso Partners has been a Tungsten Automation partner (formerly known as Kofax) for the past five years, with VP providing pivotal channel enablement services via resellers to deliver the latest cutting-edge solutions to end customers. VP have unleashed the power of Tungsten Automation’s Intelligent Automation solutions to organisations, helping them to thrive.

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What contributed to VP achieving this recognition is their automation experts who have the right skills, experience and capabilities to deliver the breadth of Tungsten Automation’s complete Intelligent Automation solutions. These include e-invoicing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) workflows, e-sign, intelligent document processing, plus more. These help to improve agile working environments and make organisations cost-effective.

This award highlights the innovative approach VP have to delivering Intelligent Automation solutions, supporting resellers in understanding customer needs and using a combination of expertise and Tungsten Automation’s innovative technology to meet customer goals. Being innovative, dependable and having a customer-centric approach are part of VP’s values in delivering excellent solutions, and service and building long-lasting relationships.

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Ben Nilsson, Consulting Director at Virtuoso Partners shared his thoughts about winning the award:
“We are incredibly proud to have received this award from Tungsten Automation. It not only recognises our approach to innovation and the team’s innovative vision in delivering outstanding intelligent automation solutions with Tungsten Automation, but also underscores the value we can provide to customers and resellers alike. We look forward to building on this success in 2024 with Tungsten Automation’s new developments in AI and TotalAgility 8.0.”

Jim Close, Tungsten Automation’s Regional Vice President, explained:
"We were delighted to award Virtuoso Partners with Intelligent Automation Partner of the Year 2023 at the UK & Ireland Excellence Awards. The judging panel unanimously decided Virtuoso Partners was the worthy winner due to their successful project delivery of multiple use cases and industries."

More about Tungsten Automation:

Tungsten Automation, formerly Kofax, is the global leader in intelligent workflow automation solutions with a trusted legacy of 40 years, with a team of 2,200 employees in 32 countries, serving 25,000+ global customers. Our commitment to innovation and customer success has earned us industry recognition, including being named a Leader in IA and IDP by Everest Group and Process Orchestration by Forrester. We are trusted to help businesses gain unprecedented efficiencies and reduce costs through workflow automations that will propel their businesses into the future.


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