Professional services 

Professional services, legal and accountancy firms work with high volumes of content, documents and emails on a day to day basis as part of the delivery of advisory services. Virtuoso Partners recognise and have experience in these highly regulated industries and the nuanced requirements creation, management and collaboration on documents and emails that apply within legal, accounting, management consulting and other professional service firms.


The professional services sector has experienced massive digital disruptions and competition growth over the past decade. To remain competitive and meet evolving customer demands, professional services firms must increasingly innovate their offering to deliver strong customer experiences.


Content management and intelligent automation plays a vital role in this transformation. Content management and automation solutions reduce operational waste and secures information. Crucially these solutions enable staff to do more with their time and liberate knowledge workers from mundane work. The results of implementing solutions are significant in improving customer experience and delivering operational efficiency holistically across firms. With automated processes and instant information access, firms can focus on enhancing customer journeys and free up resources and fee earning roles for higher value tasks.

  • Automate processes and create efficiencies with legacy applications - intelligent automation
    and robotic process automation (RPA) provides a unique opportunity to rapidly automate processes
    between legacy applications without significant change dependencies


  • Improve document, email management and collaboration - simplify the handling of case, matter
    and client related content by organising and linking it to practice management, ERP and
    productivity tools


  • Secure information and automate administrative processes – leverage content management
    systems and metadata to improve back office processes, sensitive data protection and automation
    of client service related processes


  • Digitise paper in processes and cut data entry tasks – digitise post, inbound email and paper
    communications and automate processing of inbound information using cognitive capture