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Transport, Logistics & Distribution | Case study
Transport, Logistics & Distribution | Case study

Transport, Logistics & Distribution

Transport and distribution organisations are no stranger to cost control initiatives and margins erosion pressures. With easier access to a broader range of providers than ever for customers with technology, customer experience is now increasingly becoming a driving factor in automation of business processes and information management within the sector.

Even smaller organisations handle thousands of documents and data points daily in co-ordinating operations. Manual touch points in the transfer of information between applications, customers, third parties, delivery agents and authorities can dent profitability, invite risk of errors and lead to customer losses.

Virtuoso Partners combined capabilities in intelligent automation and content management enable transport and distribution organisations to significantly automate and improve business processes for improved profits and better customer experiences.

Automate processes to create significant efficiency.

Leveraging Intelligent Automation & Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
can connect internal systems and data sources such as portals & websites with real-time data & no manual intervention.

Transport, Logistics & Distribution | Case study

Improve document control in processes.

Simplify the web of interfaces, folders and locations for
critical shipping information & documents ensuring the right information is always on-hand.

Transport, Logistics & Distribution | Case study

Remove paper from proof of delivery and forms processes for real. 

Time advantage – eliminate
process latency, paper chasing, data entry tasks & simplify information controls with our mobile
capture solutions

Transport, Logistics & Distribution | Case study

Automate document processing.

Process invoices & key forms regardless of structure or origin
to improve process visibility and cut costs of manual data entry

Transport, Logistics & Distribution | Case study
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