Content Management Systems 

Reducing risk and increasing efficiency 


There’s no denying that the volume of digital documents and communications in circulation is increasing daily. In turn, information governance and the regulatory obligations that come with such data also need to be kept up to scratch. Pair these with an increasing focus on efficiency and employee productivity and you’ll quickly find where content management systems become an integral part of businesses, day to day. 


These powerful systems allow businesses to control and improve how they create, organise, store and collaborate on the critical information, documents and communications that drive business processes, compliance and billable activities.

Why Use CMS?

Our intelligent content management systems organise information efficiently based on what it is and how it’s linked to other sources, not just where it’s stored; think Netflix and Spotify who serve content based on what you have previously searched for. This allows users to link documents directly from the CMS directly to their ERP and CRM, creating a streamlined approach to document management.

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Automation is the way forward

Content Management Systems are also a great way to reduce the margin for human error and be time-efficient with the use of automation. Matching invoices and payments whilst cross-referencing order information with Accounts Payable are just two examples of how a CMS using automation can reduce time and resource spent on a task whilst increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Benefits to organising information based on data:


Improve composition, storage, search and retrieval processes to increase employee productivity.


Automate the application of controls such as access permissions, GDPR retention periods, archiving and periodic reviews to mitigate risks.


Automate or trigger workflows for routing and approving documents without depending on email.


Capture internal and external digital signatures to expedite processes.


Increase process visibility such as GDPR subject access requests.


Manage version control accurately and prevent duplication of work or miscommunications.

Critical capabilities of our Content Management Systems

  • SaaS cloud options or CAPEX on-premises – capabilities tailored to customer preference.

  • Any user interface and mobile access included.

  • Integration with Office 365 applications.

  • Integrates seamlessly with existing environments and line-of-business systems, use Active Directory (AD) and MFA integration for security compliance.

  • Track and trace every process, document, activity and touchpoint within the business, to ensure alignment with relevant industry regulations.

  • Have one central repository for content across the business without migration, integrated to existing user applications.

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