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Healthcare / NHS

Healthcare and the NHS handle massive scales of sensitive information that can be critical to the delivery of care. Often this information is locked in documents and across applications, many of them legacy within the NHS. From paper and electronic records to administration processes, prompt and easy access to information is critical.


A focus on improving efficiency of clinician and care staff on the front line has placed process automation and information access as a firm priority for many NHS trusts and healthcare organisations to reduce wasted time on administrative processes.


Here are some examples of how Intelligent Automation and Content Management solutions can improve patient experience, improve information security, cut waste and enhance efficiencies plus more. 

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Streamline your teams operations through our solutions. 


  • Integrate line of business systems and different healthcare systems to ensure constant data integrity.

  • For example: 

    • Managing temporary employees rota requirements.  

    • Coordination of departmental diaries.

    • Create automated appointment scheduling workflows, allowing patients to book appointments online, reducing administrative work and improving patient access to care.

    • Digital signatures improve the efficiency and accuracy of both patient consent forms and prescription orders.

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