Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Also known as RPA Automation, this tool uses software "robots" to acquire, analyse and interact with existing IT applications


This enables automated processing of transactions, communication across multiple IT applications and systems, and data manipulation.

Where can RPA Automation be leveraged?

This powerful technology makes automation of almost any high-volume, repetitive manual digital task possible without changing underlying systems or business processes. It also makes it possible to integrate and automate processes with existing systems that lack integration endpoints or APIs by mimicking human interaction with applications. And they say we’re the most intelligent beings on this planet…

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Why RPA is the future 

RPA presents organisations with a unique opportunity to rapidly automate processes that would previously have required manual intervention from users or have been too investment intensive to warrant consideration for automation. 

How do Virtuoso Partners use RPA?


Minimises the number of steps required


Rapidly acquires information


Transacts with systems in the most resilient and robust ways possible

We see RPA Automation as an aid to human efficiency.

It simplifies the web of manual data processes created by enterprise application sprawl whilst removing the drudgery from day to work. It’s a tool that enables your organisation to un-complicate those complicated “tribal-knowledge” based processes that exist across departments. 


Whether your goal is to realise efficiency in the back office, reduce errors and risks, or create a more responsive customer experience, RPA can help your organisation maximise its potential.

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