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Self-Service 360 Printing – Empowering The End User

Virtuoso Partners Article

Self-service 360 printing

When it comes to printing, it can be incredibly frustrating when things don’t work. As an end user, spending hours standing and arguing with the printer about why it isn’t working can leave you wanting to pull your hair out, or throw the thing out of the window. In a traditional print environment, this situation would end in you having to contact IT support to fix the issue. This puts masses of pressure on the support desk to diagnose and fix the issue quickly, and causes a lot of frustration for the end user who just wanted to print something. But what if there was a way that the print management could be put into the hands of the user, giving them control over their own print experience? Step forward, self-service printing!

Why Use Self-Service Printing Tools?

In a traditional print environment, users rely on support from the IT department to manage and maintain the printing cycle for them. From determining which printer to use to managing updates, users would be able to do nothing except hit the ‘print’ button and hope. But with our suite of self-service printing tools, end users can reclaim the management of their own printing. Now they will be able to access maps of the printer network, navigate to the right printers, view the current print queue and even install their own printers to new machines, without the help of IT support. This frees up time for IT and for employees, and put the power in the hands of the people who need it.

Secure Follow Me Print

Follow me print, follow you print or even pull printing are just some of the tools available to end users in a self-service printing solution. Essentially, a pull printing (or follow me print) solution allows users to trigger printing at their chosen printer when they are standing in front of it. This reduces the risk of leaving important document unattended in busy offices. Instead, a user can queue up their print job on their machine, walk over to it, and initiate printing by either swiping their ID card or typing in a pin code to release the print and even order extra copies. Pull printing is a staple of self-service printing, and a not only relieves IT of some burden, but also makes your printing much more secure.

Mobile Printing

With remote and mobile workers becoming more and more prominent in the workforce, it’s no surprise that mobile printing has evolved with it. End users are now demanding a way to print easily from multiple devices, without the need for installing drivers and complicated set-up processes. This is a particularly attractive option because mobile devices are easy and convenient to use, but the same can’t be said for their print solutions! But our new self-service printing solution has tackled the challenge of mobile printing head on. Using this solution, users can print any file format, from Word to TIFF, from any device (regardless of OS), to any printer. Because the solution works well with all networked printers, users are unrestricted in their choice of printers, meaning they can print to their preferred machine at the touch of a button. So no matter where an end user is or what device they are using, they can be in complete control of their printing.

At Virtuoso Partners, we want issues to be able to be in complete control of their print needs wherever possible, freeing up IT from hours of troubleshooting and bug fixes. This way users can manage their own print needs on a project by project basis, and the network administrators can focus on general print management across the entire system from a birds-eye view. For the business, this means a decrease in wasted time, an increase in productivity and improved security over documentation.

To find out more or to book a free demo of one of our bespoke solutions, contact one of the team on 0843 289 1054, email us at:


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